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Welcome to Faculty of Medicine at State “Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University”. The Medical course at “Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University” takes six years and leads to MD (Doctor of Medicine) or MBBS. The medium of instruction is English. In the under graduate program, during six years of study the students learn different subjects from fundamental subjects disciplines to special medical subjects.

Great health professionals and researchers begin their career development in the classroom, where we bring together the best students and teachers to generate excitement about learning. This is an exciting time in medicine as we look forward to developing new avenues in health care excellence. The practice of medicine remains one of the most satisfying of all professions and we believe that VNMU is an ideal place to earn your medical education.

We believe students are enrolling in  “Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University” for the right reasons-they want to provide care for people and they feel that as physi­cians they can make a difference in their communities. For that reason, we have great faith that health care delivery in our nation has a bright future.

ThE “Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University” is known nationally and internationally for its many innovative teaching, clinical training and research programs. Our award-winning faculty members constantly strive for innovation and excellence in the classroom, the laboratory and the clinic. Because the class size is relatively small, our faculty members get to know each student. It is one thing to say the University has excellent people and programs and another to prove it.

Admission to the medical faculty takes place after conclusion of a contract. Foreigners learn in group of eight to ten students. The second year students attend their clinical studies where they can gain experience in nursing the patients. Clinical subjects are taught beginning from the third year of study. Students can study any topic of interest and to rise their of knowledge in the departments. All six years of the program are important and all must be passed successfully before students are permitted to graduate.

Our commitment at VNMU is to educate and train you to become excellent clinicians and to prepare you for a lifetime of learning essential in providing the best care for patients over a long career. We do this through a curriculum that mixes lectures with small group self-directed tutorials, giving you a strong base in medical sciences and clinical skills and also fostering the development of problem-solving and thinking skills.

The medium of instruction in the Medical faculty is English and Ukrainian language. The Ministry of education and Ministry of Public health, Ukraine approved the curriculum of the medical faculty. Many countries accept the “Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University’s” diploma. The students are studying from 58 countries.

The state final examinations on all the disciplines according to the syllabus are held within one system through 2 stages:

Stage 1

  • Testing basic proficiency of third year, testing scientific/theoretical proficiency.
  • testing practical proficiency of final-year students (when exams on clinical disciplines are taken, testing takes place at the patient’s bed);

Stage 2

The successful students who will complete study of five years, then on graduation work for another year under probation in order to gain general registration. Medicine is a respected, rewarding, and truly international career. Across all our education programs our vision is to develop caring, clear-thinking, clinically outstanding and research-capable, globally engaged graduates who have the capabilities to become leaders in medicine, public health and research.

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